Elias Pelcastre

Hulu gets closer to a video streaming heaven, unlike Netflix’s empty promise

I have been using Netflix for almost two years and in that time I have watched Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and Half Men over and over.

A VPN enables me to switch between the US and the UK, and watch content that is restricted. For instance, I can turn on the VPN and pretend I’m in New York to watch the remake of The Office while a London VPN allows me to watch Gavin and Stacey.

Today I decided to try Hulu; you can subscribe to the US streaming service in the American App Store, and get a free seven-day trial. You can cancel at any time to avoid being charged $7.99 a month for the limited commercials version, or $11.99 for the no commercials tier.

Compared to Netflix, you will need to use a VPN at all times to make Hulu think you’re in the US. You even need to hide your location to log in.

I haven’t had time to test Hulu thoroughly, but some things make me want to switch services. Hulu support Split View on iOS 9, meaning that you can watch a movie or a TV episode while multitasking on your iPad Air 2 or the soon-to-be-released iPad Pro.

Hulu’s catalog includes my lifetime favorite show Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and British TV series like The IT Crowd, Pulling, and Misfits. Hulu even has programming for the Latino community, like telenovelas and dubbed versions of Garfield and Friends (another favorite of mine) and Pokémon, to name a few shows.

I noticed that Friends is missing, but Hulu make up for it with Cheers, Frasier and 15 seasons of Top Gear. Hulu’s film the catalog feels a bit strained, but you will find somewhat recent releases like A Most Wanted Man and In Secret, both released in 2014.

I still need to give Hulu a thorough try, but for what I can see, it offers a wide selection than the Mexican Netflix. I have come to realize that there is no perfect video streaming service, but Hulu sure comes close.

You can access Hulu, as well as download the free app, and give it a try for a week.