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Keep listening to YouTube audio while your Android screen is off

How many times have you been listening to a music video on YouTube, the screen goes off, and the audio automatically stops?

YouTube Music Key users don´t suffer from this, as the premium service enables Android owners to keep listening to YouTube audio in the background, even with the screen turned off.

Black Screen of Life offers a similar solution. While you can´t use the free app to play YouTube songs while performing other tasks, it lets you keep the party going even when your display goes to sleep.

The app works great: just open it and tap on the big red circle in the middle of the screen. Once you do, it will turn green and give a very simple set of instructions.

All you have to do now that the green circle is on is open YouTube and play a video, or even better, a playlist. Turn your smartphone or tablet around, facing your desk, or put your device in your pocket to let Black Screen of Life do the magic.

Your screen will go dim, but the music will keep playing. This way you can save some battery and make your device´s juice last for longer.

If you want to disable Black Screen of Life, just tap on its icon in the notification bar. And if you love the app, you can “watch an ad to show some love” to the developer inside Black Screen of Life.

The app has a “compatibility mode” in the settings section that you should turn on if it´s not working properly on your device.

Black Screen of Life offers a practical solution to that yearning of listening to YouTube audio when your screen is asleep, and one that can save you some battery while at it.

You can download Black Screen of Life free for smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0.3 or later.

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