Elias Pelcastre

Parchi, Microsoft Garage’s alternative to Google Keep for writing quick notes

If you are looking for a Google Keep alternative, Microsoft has a new app for you, Parchi, an indie solution by the Redmond company “after-hours factory.”

Like Google Keep, Parchi lets you create notes on the fly. Tap on the red “+” on the bottom right side of the screen to start a new thought.

You can add pictures and lists, as well as change colors to your notes and set reminders with the push of a button. Regrettably, you can’t do add audio notes – one of Parchi’s downsides compared to Keep.

Nevertheless, Parchi has some features that are missing on Google’s note app. The app has a star icon to favorite notes, and a “pin to lock screen” toggle to, well, pin a note to your phone or tablet’s lock screen.

You can also write a note right from your lock screen, thanks to Parchi’s dedicated button. Tags makes finding things a lot easier, with a tag section on the left menu, while the search bar lets you browse by list, color or even by pictures.

Parchi is available in the Indian Play Store at the moment, but you can download the APK file here. Just remember to turn on the “Unknown Sources” toggle in the Settings section of your Android device (and turn it back off once you install the app.)

Parchi could work as an excellent alternative to Google Keep, so who knows if the app will make the global jump. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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