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How far does the viral network Plag reach? [Experiment]


Today I discovered Plag, an app that has been available for quite a while – I checked, and The Next Web talked about it at the end of March.

Plag**, originally named “Plague”, lets you “spread information” like a virus. You write something, post it, and wait until a user passes it into another.

At first the app seemed confusing. You get all these cards with random sentences and images, and I didn’t know how to start spreading the word that people should read eliaspelcastre.com.

Since I launched the website, I’ve got an awesome response on LinkedIn and Instagram, with people saying they like it. That’s why I decided to conduct an experiment to see how far does Plag help me to get eliaspelcastre.com go viral.

If you click on the post button on the top right of the app, two icons appear; “image” enables you to post photos, and “lists” lets you share options or questions.

The former option is the one that puzzled me at first. I just wanted to invite people to read eliaspelcastre.com; there were no options involved in my “general wondering”. But Plag didn’t let me post anything – that until I discovered I only had to pop the question and dismiss the options placed above the screen.

Reading some of the comments from new users, I found out that, like me, most of them didn’t understand how Plag worked.

What’s interesting of the “virus” app is that it includes a statistics section to see how far your post reaches. I got four people “infected” in 25 minutes, with my (sort of) question being “How far does this reach? I recommend you try eliaspelcastre.com”.

Posts have an expiration limit of seven days, and users can comment on whatever you share. The social network feels anonymous, although you will need to provide a username (to use the app you need to register with an email account and a password.)

When I think about it, Plag works just like Facebook Pages, where you post something as a publisher and get a reaction to your “story” measured in views. Plag says your posts can go viral, but so does your Facebook Pages content.

Plag seems like another social network, and although it has a viral ring, I prefer Facebook’s well-established solution. Still, I will monitor my post and see how far it gets. Maybe eliaspelcastre.com has a chance of going viral, and Plag’s the answer I’ve been looking for. Fingers crossed.

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