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How to quickly reply to a WhatsApp message in your iPhone’s Notification Center or lock screen


Last time I told you how to star a WhatsApp message on your iPhone, to quickly access your favorite texts and avoid losing them in a sea of conversations.

You don’t have to open WhatsApp on your iPhone every time you want to send a reply. You can do it straight from the lock screen or Notification Center.

Let’s say that you get a message from a friend and you’re busy doing something. If you have your iPhone locked, you can answer by swiping your finger from right to left to reply in the lock screen. That’s right: no need to access your pin number or fingertip, open WhatsApp, and access the conversation.

Similarly, if you’re in your phone’s home, or using an app different to WhatsApp, and receive a text, you can reply by swiping your finger downwards at the top of your screen to answer from Notification Center. As simple as that.

That means you can send a quick reply to your family and friends without even opening WhatsApp. Handy, isn’t it?

I’m looking forward to any new additions to the WhatsApp mobile as well as the web app. You can download WhatsApp free for iPhone with iOS 6 or later here.

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