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How to score a $7.99 Spotify subscription on the US App Store


Apple charges developers 30 percent for every in-app subscription that doesn’t relate to the tech giant’s products – and by “products” I mean Apple Music. Spotify is no exception.

Spotify offers premium subscriptions for iPhone and iPad owners. But instead of charging the normal $9.99 fee, the Swedish streaming company is forced to ask users to pay $12.99 a month, a stiff toll for many.

At the beginning of July, Spotify advertised how to “save $3 on premium every month”. That by subscribing through the website, instead of the iOS app.

If, like myself, you have loads of un-spent iTunes credit, and want to use it for a Spotify subscription, you can save yourself an even $2 on your monthly tier.

Go to Spotify.com on you iPhone or iPad. Log in and tap on the hamburger menu in the top right corner to access your account.

Change your country to a lower-fare one, like Mexico, and add a zip code (you can find one by doing a Google search.)

Access Spotify’s iOS app and try to download a playlist. You will get the “subscribe to premium” prompt; tap on it to proceed with your in-app subscription.

You should get a $7.99 offer, and if you don’t, access a Mexican IP in the free VPN app IPVanish. That way you can save yourself some more green on your ad-free, mobile-downloads Spotify subscription.

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