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Friday night video: Check this cool cat dance to Drake’s Hotline Bling

Hotline Bling

Friday night: nowhere to go, and looking for something awesome to watch. I think I have that video that will make you laugh, and forget that Friday is almost gone (or get you started if you’re going out tonight.)

You know Drake’s Hotline Bling, right? That song that has a very catchy beat, and one people have said reminds them to Dominican Republic genre bachata. As The Next Web points out, Drake’s dancing fits songs like Suavemente, by Elvis Crespo, and Justin Bieber’s What do you mean? – apparently the brain recognizes a pattern in the dance and matches it to the music.

You can add Mike Lavin’s cat to the list. OK, I haven’t tried to fit the cat’s moves to a song like Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs, but watching it move to Hotline Bling is awesome.

Have a look:

Funny, isn’t it? I love the cat’s perfect sync and chilled attitude, which makes it look human.

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