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Thinking of getting the new iPad Pro? I just tried Apple´s latest tablet

The iPad Pro arrived in stores today, and Mexico and Sweden were among the first batch of countries to have the new device in shelves. I went to an official Apple reseller to put my hands on the brand new iPad. (Click on the images for full-resolution pictures.)

The iPad Pro is indeed gigantic: its display is 12.9-inch long, 1.3 inches more than my mid-2011 MacBook Air and 0.4 inches smaller than the screen of a MacBook Pro 2015.


The first thing I did was to open eliaspelcastre.com in Safari. The website looks stunning on the large display, which makes browsing more immersive thanks to the iPad´s greater real estate.

While browsing, I noticed the tablet´s weight, as it comes at 713 grams in the WiFi configuration, compared to the iPad Air 2´s 413 grams. The iPad Pro feels light at first, but I bet you will get tired after holding it for longer periods of time.

One of the advantages of the new iPad over smaller models is its four speaker configuration. I played “Hold My Hand”, by Jess Glynne, on the native Music app and instantly felt the kick – it sounds amazing. My test ended suddenly when a person in the store started playing a loud electro tune, stopping me from enjoying Coldplay´s “A Sky Full Of Stars” iPad Pro style.

I did have the volume at its highest but reckon the iPad Pro will rock quieter places like a living room or an office. As a music lover, I like the fact that Apple doubled the speakers to offer a louder, and as I said before, more immersive experience.

Split View lets you use two apps at the same time, and thanks to the Pro´s almost 13-inch display, apps fit perfectly in its (almost) original size. Things don´t look as squeezed as on the iPad Air 2. Multitasking flows perfectly, although the feature didn´t feel any quicker than on my iPad Air 2. The smaller-in-size tablet hasn´t shown any signs of lagging and aging – yet.

The 2048–x–2732–pixel screen makes games look sharper, even with both iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 at the same density of 264 pixels per inch. The former has a 1536-x-2048-pixel display.

The store didn´t have the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard on display, not surprising at all. Apple today promised “regular shipments” in a brief statement, to lessen the 4-5 week wait (at least in the US.) I did some drawings with my finger on the Notes app but didn´t experience anything radical – I couldn´t try the pencil to feel the tablet´s “pixel‑perfect precision.”

As I was in a store, I wasn´t able to take pictures with the iPad´s camera. But judging from the selfies the employees had taken earlier in the day, the 1.2-megapixel frontal camera is still not capable of snapping good-quality photos. The iPad Pro has kept the rear 8-megapixel shooter included in the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4.

I would need to spend more time with the iPad Pro to judge the battery life and overall use. But at $799 for the basic 32 GB WiFi model, the device is not in my price range. Nevertheless, I would say the new iPad feels like an iPad and is not for the normal user.

Are you thinking of buying an iPad Pro? Have you bought one already? Please leave your views below.

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