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This is your next game: Tower Dash for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Tower Dash

I don’t remember a game that got me as hooked as Flappy Bird. Back in February 2014 there you had me, trying to get that yellow bird passing through Mario-like pipes.

Flappy Bird was a very complex one, but the world was obsessed. I remember scoring as little as 20 points, and that may be exaggerating. Hit a green pipe, or fall to the ground because of a leaky tap, and you had to start all over again. You couldn´t buy lives or pay to resume from where you died.

Tower Dash is just like Flappy Bird, as the free app will see you playing and playing. So if you need to work or be productive, I recommend you stay clear. But if you have time to kill, and don´t get caught that easily, download away. Oh, and before you do, I have to point out Tower Dash weighs 218 MB, so get the app on a Wi-Fi connection and prepare to see your local storage reduced, especially on a 16 GB device.

Available for iPhone and iPad as a native app, Tower Dash has a cute blue box that needs to climb upwards in a Spiderman fashion. Avoid hitting the wall and random boxes in your way to keep yourself alive.

If you die, or should I say when you die, you can either pay some diamonds, which you collect along your upwards passage, or watch an ad to keep playing. And if the game seems too difficult to you, there´s an $2.99 “easy mode” that you can purchase in Tower Dash´s home to keep things simpler.

Multiplayer enables you to start a match with a stranger from around the world or challenge up to 8 friends on an Apple TV. I assume they will need to install the app on their respective devices.

Tower Dash is available in 24 languages including English, Spanish, and Swedish. Now you have an entertaining –and addictive – game to try this weekend 🙂

Download Tower Dash free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7 or later

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