Elias Pelcastre

Viber remote text deletion: how to use it, and does it work?

How many times have you wished you didn´t send that text message? Viber wants to give its users a second chance with a new “delete sent messages” feature.

Self-explanatory, really: send a message, get cold feet or regret it, and remove the text from the other person´s phone. But how does it work? Simple.

Imagine you´re chatting with a friend; you write a message and hit send. “Oh no, what an embarrassing text have I sent?” you think to yourself. Ta-dah, Viber to the rescue.

Long-press the message you sent, tap “Delete”, and select “Delete for everyone”. That´s it; your message has been “destroyed”.

“Is that right?” you might be wondering. Well, to give you some peace of mind I have conducted a little experiment to see Viber´s new feature in action.

I sent a text from my iPhone to my Moto G to check Viber´s new addition out. The message disappeared almost instantly from my Android phone, as I tapped the “Delete for everyone” button on my iPhone and the Moto G didn´t display the text in question.

Now you can erase those awkward texts or photos before the receiver sees them. Very useful if you don´t want anybody to have your “special” pictures lying around on their phones.

You can download Viber for free for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone here.

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