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Bobby Movie Box, an iPhone and iPad app to get your film on

Over the years, the App Store has seen many apps slip through the cracks and offer things they aren´t supposed to. How? Who knows, but it looks like Apple´s approval process isn´t as rigorous as one might think.

This time is the turn for Bobby (that´s right, Bobby) Movie Box, a free app that does more than provide a description of your favorite movies. It lets you watch them at no cost.

Download the app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (no seriously, do it before Apple takes it down) to start enjoying free HD films like Pixels, Lucy, and Fifty Shades of Gray.

Bobby Movie Box, available for free for iOS 7 or later, displays an ad in the bottom part of the screen, and occasionally promotes other apps with pop-up prompts. Nevertheless, it has a very user-friendly and clean interface.

Unlike previous sneaky apps, like Play Box, it doesn´t allow you to download films to your device, making it up by providing access to a wide content selection, including full TV series and cartoons.

And if you don´t find what you want, you can always make a request by tapping the dedicated button in the Settings tab. Bobby Movie Box divides content into genres, with “Trending” and “New” tabs in the Home area, as well as a bookmark tool to pin your favorite videos.

Bobby Movie Box received its first update back in August; it’s quite impressive that the app has remained in the store for that long. But because of the attention it has received lately, Apple may –or should I say, will – delete it very soon.

Make sure you do a backup of Bobby Movie Box on your computer to keep the app safe in case you need to restore your Apple device. What do you think of Bobby Movie Box?

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