Elias Pelcastre

Take a look at Seeso, CBS´s new take on Netflix and Hulu

CBS just launched Seeso, a video service that is available for free as a beta preview. People who want to try it can sign up for an invite on the dedicated website, and get early access to what has been called CBS´s take on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming alternatives.

Seeso is available for US residents, but you can try it outside the country with a VPN app like TunnelBear and IPVanish, both available for mobile and computer.

I thought I didn´t get an invite, but it turns out Gmail had put it on the promotions tab, so make sure you look for it there, or in the spam section. Once you click on the beta link, you´ll be asked to provide an email and password to get full access to Sesso´s content.

Seeso divides its home into series, “late night”, stand up and “more.” The last one refers to movies and original content, as well as British series and cartoons.

It has Brtish oldies like The Mighty Boosh and Fawlty Towers, as well as Monthy Phyton´s Flying Circus, which Seeso teases with 5 out of the 45 episodes that are coming at the official launch. American classics include Saved By the Bell and Saturday Night Live.

Both British and American versions of The Office are available, almost in their entirety, with Too Many Trains, The Postman and Feel the Bern as Seeso´s original content. The only film available right now is 1985´s Brazil starring Robert De Niro and Jonathan Price.

Seeso is available for Mac, PC, and mobile devices through an Internet browser, as there is no app available at the moment. And if you have an iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad mini 4 you can take advantage of Safari´s picture-in-picture feature and watch your favorite shows in the background.

Seeso has a very user-friendly interface and works great on Android and iOS. I got confused when trying to see how many episodes a TV series has, tough, a problem Seeso could solve with a vertical episode list alà Netflix.

I would say the most attractive thing about Seeso is its playlist feature, sort of like Spotify´s queue where you set what episodes you are going to watch next.

I don´t know if Seeso is ready to compete with Netflix or Hulu. We´ll just have to wait until the official launch in January.

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