Elias Pelcastre

Cast a song from Apple Music on Android to your Apple TV or Chromecast

Apple released its song streaming app Music for Android a month ago. In my review, I didn´t mention the lack of Airplay and Chromecast support that keeps you from using the app to stream music on your TV through an Apple TV or Chromecast dongle.

Browsing the Play Store, I found an interesting app that, although it doesn´t solve the problem, you can use as a temporary patch. AirAudio is a free app that streams the audio from your smartphone or tablet to one of the previously mentioned receivers, as well as an Amazon Fire TV and a number of products.

Why does AirAudio offer a temporary solution? The app is only capable of streaming the audio coming from your device´s microphone, which means that when you play a song on Apple Music for Android, you will hear it on both your mobile device AND your TV.

And if you cough or sneeze, your device will pick up the noise and transmit it to your TV. The volume on your Android should also be high enough for your TV to play songs at a hearable level; if you mute Apple Music on your smartphone or tablet, you won´t be able to hear anything on your TV.

AirAudio has a “System audio” feature to stream the audio to your TV straight from an app like Spotify does. But that requires a rooted device.

The app´s interface is straightforward; open AirAudio, let it scan for an Apple TV, Chromecast, etc., and tap on a receiver to connect. In the Settings section, you can mute notifications and disable volume sliders, as well as “automatically disconnect AirAudio if no audio is played.”

It can be annoying to hear the same sounds coming from your Android and your TV, here with a slight delay. Although if you´re that desperate to play an Apple Music song from your Android to your TV, you can always leave your smartphone in a different room.

I seriously hope Apple adds Chromecast and Apple TV support shortly. You can download AirAudio for free here for smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 or above, and don´t forget to leave your thoughts below.

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