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How to take a live photo on your Android smartphone

The iPhone 6s introduced among other things Live Photos, a feature that lets you see “moments just before and after a photo was taken, captured with movement and sound.”

With Instagram importing iPhone´s 3D Touch to Android, it was about time another app poached one of Apple´s mobile highlights.

Camera MX, a free camera app for Android smartphones and tablets, has introduced Live Photos-equivalent Live Shot. Just like Apple´s counterpart, Live Shot allows you to capture “extra footage” when you take a photo.

Tap the dedicated Live Shot button, next to the fx symbol on the top left of the screen, to capture what Camera MX calls an “animated photo.”

The Live Shot mode will turn on; hold the snap button, and release when you want to take a picture. The app will record a few seconds into the shot.

Camera MX recommends you “hold your camera as still as possible when taking a photo.” Otherwise, your takes will look awfully shaky.

To access your Live Shot, tap the bottom right icon – the Camera MX photo library shortcut – and select your photo. The app will display a still shot, and you can see your animation by keeping the screen pressed. (Your Android Gallery won´t reveal animated pictures.)

You can then share your animations on Facebook, WhatsApp or Gmail, or as a file via Bluetooth. Live Shot joins the ability to pause video recordings, and focus and exposure lock through a long touch.

You can download Camera MX for free for devices with Android 2.3.3 or later. What do you think of Live Shots? Did you find the feature useful? Please leave your comments below.

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