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This is your next game: Surfingers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The holidays might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun should stop. If you want to move on from the addictive, but extremely hard Swing Copters 2, I recommend you give Surfingers a try.

Like many others, Surfingers is very easy to use. You play in landscape mode; slide your finger up or down to keep the waves aligned.

Obstacles will come your way, but leveling the waves keeps you from dying. And if you get bored of the chubby surfer dude, collect (or buy) as many stars as you can to change it for one of the 20 funky characters.

We’re talking about a freemium game: pop-up ads obstruct the home screen; a dollar and they disappear.

Surfingers is difficult enough to keep you coming back. But not enough to make you drop the game altogether, or keep you hooked for hours.

You can watch an ad to continue playing right from where you died, so there’s no need to start from the beginning. Surfingers is an excellent game to have installed for when you’re commuting or bored out of your mind.

You’ve got nothing to lose, as the app will cost you zero dollars. You will need iOS 6 or later to play it. Did you like Surfingers? Please leave your thoughts below.

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