Elias Pelcastre

Stream and play PC games on your phone via MoonLight

Have you ever been in the middle of a FIFA match so important you can’t even go to the toilet because you feel like your skills would suddenly disappear? If you can relate to that or you just want to play any game of your choice in peace, while you’re sitting on the bowl, then boy do we have an app for you!


If you meet all the requisites then let’s begin!

Step 1. Download the MoonLight app on your device. Here is the link for it.

Step 2. Once you’ve opened the app you’ll see your computer’s name (if you don’t, make sure you are on the same network and that you do have GeForce Experience installed), now pair your devices by tapping on your PC’s name and entering the PIN code that appears on your Android device in a GeForce Experience text window that looks like the image below.

This is where you’ll input the PIN given to you on your Android device

Step 3. Now you’re ready to rock! Just select any game that appears on your Android device’s screen!

This is what you should be seeing on your Android device (name and apps differ)

(Optional) Step 4. Configure the app to your liking to improve quality and performance by going to the initial screen of the app and tapping on the cog at the top left of the screen. There you’ll be able to adjust the target frame and bitrate, enable and disable surround sound, enable support for multiple controllers, and more!

Step 5. Enjoy the freedom of being able to play any game you want, anywhere in your house (for optimal framerate).

Check out a short test we did with FIFA 2015 (the video was recorded at 30 fps due to limitations in our recording software so expect smoother gameplay when you’re testing MoonLight yourself!) :

Do note that we don’t recommend MoonLight for any competitive online game or quick-reaction based game due to occasional unstable framerate! You’ve been warned so don’t blame us if you lose an important match or get reported for being “AFK”!

Are you going to try MoonLight out? If so tell us in the comments!