Elias Pelcastre

Wiper, a WhatsApp replacement for Android and iOS


Half way through December German blog Macerkopf leaked two images that pointed to WhatsApp planning the implementation of video calls to its mobile app. It’s almost two months, and we’re still waiting for a feature that further popularizes video chatting on smartphones.

WhatsApp should watch that space as Wiper beat Facebook-owned text service to the punch a while ago. And it turns out, Wiper is so much better in so many other aspects.

Available in late October 2014, Wiper has been offering video calls since July last year. The app is not only available for iPhone and Android, but for tablets, and doesn’t require you to provide a phone number.

Look people up for their usernames or on your contact list, or invite them by text, Facebook or email. Wiper enables you to call or video chat securely with another wiper user at no cost, as well as remotely erase text messages by swiping on a conversation and selecting the “Wipe Conversation History” option.

Send and receive bitcoin through Wiper

It also lets you create “shorties”, or short films with your camera roll videos and photos, and send and receive bitcoin currency without leaving the app.

But for me, the best feature is Wiper’s music and video streaming capabilities. Like YouTube Red, you can watch a YouTube video in the “Free Music” tab and keep the audio playing while you use or exit the messaging app.

Wiper has an extensive selection of free short films, and for $4.99 gives you access to “a library of premium films” that you can download and stream on your device, Apple TV, or Chromecast, with a 30-day free trial available. I activated my trial and should warn you: don´t expect blockbuster titles, just a compilation of indie titles from around the world.

Wiper is a far more complete platform that WhatsApp. It has everything to make it big and replace WhatsApp as the global go-to messaging app. Wiper is available in 28 languages and, as mentioned before, it is compatible with iOS and Android.

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