Elias Pelcastre

Share links between a computer and an iPhone or iPad or vice versa with Linkback

How many times have you accessed an article on your computer and wished you could read it later on an iPhone or iPad? iCloud does a pretty good job if you keep the tab open on Safari for Mac, and head straight to Apple´s mobile browser on an iOS device.

What if you use Chrome on a PC, or indeed, a Mac? There is a broad range of solutions available at the time – Pushbullet is the first and simplest one that comes to mind – and now you can add one more to the list.

Linkback is an iOS app/Chrome extension that makes saving and syncing links a breezy process. Download the free iPhone and iPad app, as well as the free Chrome extension to meet half the requirements.

Log in to your Dropbox account (yes, that´s how Linkback stores and syncs URL addresses) on both your computer and mobile device. And that is it. You´re ready to share websites between platforms.

Chrome on Mac or PC will display a pink “+” next to the address bar that you tap to save a link. Open the iOS app, and enable Linkback´s saving extension by tapping the Share option in Safari and selecting Linkback in the “More” section located in the top row.

Linkpack´s Chrome extension keeps everything organised in the folder “Apps” in your Dropbox´s main screen while the iOS app displays them right in the Home. The links you save on iOS reflect on Dropbox for the web and vice versa. You can create separate folders on the mobile app, by tapping the top right “+”, and save articles to them on both your iPhone or iPad and Chrome on a computer.

Linkpack offers a”pro” version for a $2 in-app purchase “that comes with narration, reading progress and access to future features.” The free tier already comes with Readability to make articles easier to read, as well as sharing button to send content to family and friends.

There´s no Android app available at the moment; hopefully, I hope that changes soon. While Linkpack is not the most easy-to-use solution, it simplifies the process of sharing links between mobile and desktop. What are your impressions of Linkpack?

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