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AspectKey, an iPhone keyboard that makes it dead simple to type, as well as use emoji

If the iPhone’s keyboard troubles you – I have to admit switching between the regular and emoji keyboards can be complicated – here´s a solution that will make your digital life much easier.

AspectKey, available for free for iPhones running iOS 8.1 or later, is a third-party keyboard aimed at “providing the best typing experience, by far.” It´s quite simple to activate it, switch ApectKey´s gray toggle to green in the Settings´ keyboard options (General>Keyboard>Keyboards>AspectKey.)

You can then turn AspectKey on by invoking the iOS keyboard anywhere where there´s a text input, be it an app or the Safari browser. Just press the world icon next to keyboard´s dictation key until AspectKey pops up.

You will notice how the iPhone standard keys transform into a letter slash number slash emoji mix. AspectKey is very easy to use: hold a key and swipe your finger up to bring a capital letter, or hold the same key and swipe down to type a number or emoticon, depending on the symbol below the letter. As you type, letters will “fly” to let your eyes know you´re using the correct keys.

The keyboard´s top menu enables you to add shortcuts, see all the emojis available, and switch theme colors, by swiping your finger down from the top, as well move through the text with a left-right cursor. The free version comes with three shortcuts and themes; extra themes cost you a dollar each while unlocking all nine shortcuts will set you back $2.

Extra features include language selection, left-handed landscape keyboard, and predictions – options that you get to enable inside the app. Aspect key eliminates the use of the Shift button to capitalize, and the globe icon to add emojis to your conversations. Plus, “My List”, “Emoji” and cursors make mastering the keyboard even more accessible to all.

Have you tried AspectKey? Did you like this third-party option? Pleased drop us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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