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Stream Kanye West´s The Life Of Pablo here (Update)

Kanye West settled for “The Life Of Pablo” – The Life Of Pi, anyone? –  yesterday as a title for the follow-up record to Yeezus. Decoys included SWISH, Waves, and original, and apparently the most popular, So Help Me God.

In January, West set February 11 as the release date of what is his seventh studio LP. The time has come, and The Life Of Pablo is nowhere to find. Not the iTunes Store or Google Play. Not even Tidal, where the rapper has vested interests, is playing the album for subscribers.

This may have to do with Yeezy Season 3, anevent in Madisson Square Garden where West will introduce a new installment of his Yeezy collection, as well as do a worldwide premiere of TLOP. You can tune in at 4 PM Eastern Time (that’s 9 PM in London, 10 PM in Berlin, and 3 PM in Mexico City) to see the live stream below.

Update 1

You can see the replay of the show here; it doesn´t require a Tidal subscription.

Streaming options include the web and mobile apps, although you will need a Tidal subscrition to watch the event live on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

On a side note, New Jerseyan producer and rapper Dante Holley deciphered two days earlier Kanye’s original acronym, from single No More Parties in LA. “[Kanye West] was talking about how he felt like Pablo when he was working on his shoes, he felt like Pablo when he was on the news,” Holley told Newsbeat.

Apparently, Kanye hasn’t fulfilled his promise of “tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys”. I hope he does.

Update 2

You can listen to the abum below, as a Tidal exclusive. It looks like you don´t need to be a subscriber to stream Yeezy´s latest record.