Elias Pelcastre

How secure is it to use UberPool in Mexico City?

What do you think when you hear Mexico City? Is dangerous the first word that crosses your mind? Quite, but not entirely, understandable.

When Uber announced the sharing service‘s availability in one of the world´s biggest cities, we had our doubts regarding passenger´s safety. Against our better judgement, and almost a month later, we decided to try it on separate occasions.

The first time we hopped on an UberPool in CDMX (that is the relatively new abbreviation for Mexico City) we didn´t get any takers. No-one joined in, probably because it was 6 AM on a Friday – weird, especially when the city never sleeps.

Uber set an upfront tariff of 73.50 Mexican pesos or $3.89 US dollars. The cost remained the same, regardless of the fact there were no extra passengers, meaning we rode an empty private cab for almost 16 kilometres (10 miles) and saved ourselves 23.50 MXN, or the equivalent to $1.24 USD. Neat.

But we wanted to share the ride with another user and get the real UberPool experience. Well, second time´s the charm, right? Not really, as we jumped on a Honda Civic at 6 PM just to once again go at it Han’s style. Solo.

We did save 20 MXN, or little over a dollar on a 10 KM ride. It was supposed to cost 50 MXN at 5 PM but ended setting us back 60 MXN due to heavy traffic.

We are starting to see a trend here, and came to the following conclusions. Either people don’t like to share a ride as they consider doing so a security threat, or they enjoy riding an Uber alone.

We wish we could establish how secure is to share a private car in Mexico City, but have to settle this little experiment and update the story if we manage to use Uber’s sharing service correctly in the future. In the meantime, and as things stand at the moment, UberPool in Mexico City saves you some money while letting you comfortably travel around the country’s capital city.

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