Elias Pelcastre

Razer Nabu X review

With the recent release of the Razer Nabu Watch, I thought it’d be interesting to dig out my “old” (tech ages so fast these days) Razer Nabu X and give it a second chance after deceiving me about 7 months ago.

First off, let’s get the technical part out of the way:

The Design

The device features a rubber-like wristband to encase a small module, the device itself, responsible for all the motion tracking, approximate calorie burning, distance travelled, sleep monitoring and even basic notification handling.

The device is meant to be a simple yet useful, always-on wristband to keep track of your fitness while doing your everyday stuff like working and moving around.

Its design reflects a casual yet discrete look, perfect for nonformal social gatherings, not so much for more formal events (who would wear a fitness tracker to a suit & tie event?). The Nabu X is, in my opinion, an excellent way to show off your inner geek (and probably which brand of gaming accessories you prefer) without looking utterly ridiculous.

The Nabu X comes in 3 different colors: black, white, and the typical “Razer green”.

My personal experience

Let’s get personal, I like the Razer Nabu X, but it is not what I consider a consistent device, and I’ll tell you why!
I first bought the Razer Nabu X the 28th of April 2015; I purchased one with a friend and got another one for free.

Our devices were functioning flawlessly for about four weeks, we were getting a whole week’s worth of usage on a single charge, and everything was working well. Then, out of nowhere, some things started to change: My friend’s Nabu X refused to charge leaving his device completely obsolete. My Nabu X, on the other hand, suddenly discharged at a much faster rate, I tried charging it to 100 percent, but the charge refused to hold for more than 30 minutes depleting back to zero.

I searched through forums and even Razer’s own support site to find that a forced reset was all I could do, and even that didn’t help. That’s why I decided to store it away and try to forget about my wasted money. It was only a few days ago that I remembered it. It was until then that I got curious about how much the app actually had changed and if I could revive it to possibly use it again. So I charged it up to 100 percent, I became disappointed when I saw that the battery had already depleted to 66 percent about 10 minutes later.

I decided to try to force an update, and while it did help, the battery lasted for about 7 hours, I still wasn’t getting my “5 to 7 days” battery life. I decided to force reset it and charge the device for a full day as a last resort. As a result, I am now getting a full day of battery life, which is still pretty pathetic considering what it used to last before.

I have to say that the companion app used to monitor and connect to the device is still not as improved as I had expected it to be; the addition of customizable notification LED colors is a plus while the lack of customizability of alarms is questionable.

All in all, I think the Nabu X is a great device for those looking for a sleek, discrete, and simple looking fitness tracker. I would gladly recommend it to anyone in the market for such device if it weren’t for the faulty Nabu X’s my friend and I got.

I’d say $49.99 price is about right when it comes to a basic fitness tracker like the Nabu X, but if inconsistencies like these are common, then you’re basically throwing away your money. Check out the Razer Nabu X over at Razer.com

Do you own a Razer Nabu X? Have you had any problems? Tell us in the comments!