Elias Pelcastre

Humm, a great way to stream YouTube music ad-free on your Android

It’s been a while since I reviewed YouTube Red, Google’s video subscription service for Android, iOS and the web. I liked the fact that you could play ad-free videos in the background, or the audio in case of the iPhone or iPad, and get Google Play Music as a side perk. Still, you have to pony up $10 a month – and why should you when you can get your music fix for free from other sources.

Here’s a new option, in case you use an Android smartphone or tablet: Humm. Like YouTube Red, this free app lets you listen to a video’s audio in the background, as well watch videos without advertisements. Think of it as an ad-free YouTube audio player for Android.

Its interface is clean and eye-catching, with artist headshots and album covers. Select your favorite artists and genres, ala Apple Music, and Humm will tailor the experience with suggested albums and playlists. You can’t download content for offline watching or listening, and you will have to sign up using an email, user and password.

The search tool on the top left menu makes it great to look for a particular artist and access their top songs and albums. And, thanks to YouTube, you get to watch as well as listen to live versions of your favorite tracks.

The main downside to Humm, apart from the lack of an iOS app, is an overall slow response. Nevertheless, it offers an excellent, and free, alternative to Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music, even on the web (that’s right, it has a desktop version.)

Make sure you try the app, or website, and leave a comment or question in the section below.

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