Elias Pelcastre

We tested F.Lux for Android

Do you find yourself using your computer or smart device late at night, with eyes tearing up from the strain of your screen? Maybe you find yourself unable to sleep at night. I myself experience both of these symptoms that come with prolonged use of a screen at late hours, this is why I decided to try out F.Lux.

What it does and how it helped me

Due to my long gaming sessions, I am exposed to abnormal amounts of light (since darkness tells our brains that resting time is approaching), I decided that I needed to find something that would help me decrease the strain my eyes put up with. I had heard about a certain program for Windows that could actually help reduce the stress on my eyes, so I decided to try it out, this program is, of course, F.Lux.

The thing with F.Lux is that it doesn’t just overlay a filter on whatever you are viewing, it actually filters all the blue light (the type of light that makes your brain think it’s sunny outside) created by your graphics processing unit. This actually prevents your computer from giving off blue light while creating an image on your screen.

I’ve been using F.Lux on my PC for a little over a month, and, I must say, I don’t think I’ll ever use any future computer without first installing it! My results were better than I had planned, my eyes didn’t hurt after prolonged sessions, I could finally sleep like a normal person too!

I started to notice that, some days, I’d use my phone more than my computer and would notice that my sleep would be affected. I fumbled around way more and my eyes were teary. I decided to see if I could find F.Lux for Android but was unpleasantly surprised that there wasn’t an app for Android. I tried other substitutes but learned later on that they actually worsened the effects of blue light.

I then discovered that an Android version of F.Lux was in the making but the app was only being distributed to a group of beta testers, so I signed up! Today I finally got accepted, after some major bugs found, and I gotta say; it’s pretty solid for a beta!

Installation process

The F.Lux app is really easy to set up, you’ll be prompted to give it location access, after that you’re pretty much done! You can, of course, change some settings to your liking.


Although, like the version for Mac, PC, and iOS, the yellow tint is extremely off-putting at the beginning, you’ll see that you’ll get used to it in just a few hours or days time! If you feel like your sleep is affected by the amount of time you spend on your phone, I’d say F.Lux is definitely worth a shot, I’d recommend you use it for at least one week! Don’t expect immediate results, your brain needs to adapt to your new routine.

Learn more

If you are interested in checking F.Lux out, be it for your computer or your smart device, go to F.Lux’s site to learn more! Keep in mind that F.Lux for Android is set to be released through the Play Store in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

Do you use F.Lux? Do you feel it helps in any way? Tell us in the comments!