Elias Pelcastre

This free player makes using Google Play Music on a computer so much better

I’ve been a fan of Google Music – that´s right, the early Google service that enabled you to upload 20,000 songs to the cloud and access them on a computer or Android smartphone – since its launch in 2011.

Don´t get me wrong, I like Play Music, and you can read my reasons on why you should give it a chance, but I like the idea of not having to pay for something I will end up not using in its entirety. (There´s something about a streaming service that, the minute I start paying for a subscription I tend to repeat the same albums and not exploring the million-track library at my disposal.)

Google Play Music´s web interface is too slow, and Safari can´t cope with it. Chrome does a better job, but the browser makes my MacBook Air, with only 2 GB of RAM, feel overly bloated. Plus, nobody likes having to open a browser to enjoy a quick tune.

Here´s where Google Play Music Desktop Player comes in, to make your Google Play Music experience more accessible and enjoyable. The unofficial desktop software from developer Samuel Attard is available for Mac and PC and puts Google´s music service on your hands in the form of an app.

The player uses fewer resources, freeing your computer “to do things you care about, instead of wasting them on playing music.” It´s also more customizable and comes with Last.fm integration.

The only “downside” if you will is that you have to download the mini-player right from the app to see in a small window the tracks that are playing. Google Play Music Desktop Player works great and is very comfortable to use, especially if you have accessed Google Play Music´s web version before.

It also provides a lite player for computers that lack RAM, as the player doesn´t hold your device´s response back. If you access Google Play Music on your computer on a regular basis, Google Play Music Desktop Player is a no brainer.