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This is your next game: Barrier X

I recently reviewed soft-launched Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and though entertaining, it lacks that quality that makes you come back after the first play. If you´re looking for the next game that gets you instantly hooked, the following app may quench your thirst. At least for a bit.

“Play now and challenge your reflexes, push the limits,” reads Barrier X´s app description, and that is not an exaggeration. Barrier X couldn´t be simpler: you drive an airplane at super-fast speeds, and all you have to do is avoid crashing into big white walls that block your way.

Controls are very simple too; move your finger to the left or right to control the plane accordingly. If you last for 30 seconds, you unlock a level. An entire minute on the road without smashing that white, paper airplane beats the level. (Oh, and if you find you can´t start the game, just tap the green “B” in the main screen.)

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The app is available for iPhone AND iPad; you get a native experience accross devices, and not a 2x large tablet version. A $1.99 in-app purchase will hide the ads that support developer Pinkapp, not that you will have to consider paying as pop-ups did not once block my screen. (Just as I wrote this a Smule ad covered my entire iPad screen.)

Somehow, Barrier X´s gameplay reminded me of F-Zero X, the Nintendo 64 racing classic that launched back in 1998. (The catchy 8-bit music proves my point.) The game is so hard that I couldn’t get pass the ten-second mark; I´m sure it will keep you trying your best to beat your low scores. That, or you drop the game altogether.

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