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Here’s a fun little game to play on Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android

I recently re-opened my Facebook account just to catch up with all my contacts’ lives. It’s amazing to see how people change over time. And today I found a game that will probably make you want to keep your social account open, and kill your productivity as a bonus.

Facebook is celebrating March Madness with a “hidden” basketball gem. Send a  (basketball emoji) to a friend on Messenger’s mobile app to start throwing hoops and competing between yourselves. They will need the app installed for this to work.

The games’ interface is pretty basic – no console graphics here. You throw as many hoops as you want, meaning you won’t have to wait for your friend’s turn. The mini game will stay open until you tap the “Back” button in the top-left corner, perfect for when you’re multitasking and don’t want to lose your score.

The most I’ve got until now is seven, that because the position of the ball keeps changing. And it seems that the higher you score, the harder it gets. You can kiss your free, or work, time goodbye. Download Facebook Messenger for mobile here. The game works on Android and iOS.

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