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Unlock your Mac using your fingerprint

Unlock your Mac using your fingerprint

Ever feel like your Android device’s fingerprint scanner just doesn’t have enough functionality for you? Thanks to the growing number of devices using fingerprint scanners, more and more developers are starting to try new ground as to what could be done with a device with such capabilities.

I have always wanted to utilize my fingerprint reader to unlock my computers, but I’ve always run into hurdles keeping me from doing so. I’ve previously tested MacID but was disappointed to find out that, for it to work, you need a Macintosh machine with Bluetooth LE meaning my mid-2010 iMac and my early 2009 MacBook do not qualify. I decided to let go of the fantastic idea of unlocking my computer with the scan of a finger, up until yesterday where thanks to a post over at OnePlus’ forum I finally got an app that could work as a verification mechanism aside from a pesky password.

The app DroidID was made by an XDA developer that goes by the name of ssrij, in his post he briefly explains how the idea of such an app came to mind and the requirements to get said service to work.
The requirements for DroidID are:

How to set DroidID up

If you meet the requirements, and you are curious to try this out, these are the instructions you need to follow:

  1. Download the Android app via the PlayStore
  2. Download the Mac Client via DroidID’s dedicated website
  3. Double click the zip file you just downloaded on your Mac, an app should appear in your downloads folder or wherever you extracted the zip
  4. Once the Android app and the Mac client are installed open both
  5. On the Android app, you’ll notice a short string of letters and numbers, input that string into the Mac client application and click on the “Connect” button
  6. Wait a few seconds and everything should now be setup

Now you can unlock your Mac by just tapping on the DroidID notification in your notification pulldown menu!

Do remember that you will need to input your password once every time you boot up your Mac and that you’ll also need a fingerprint already configured on your Android device.

We found this app to be useful since password inputting can be a pain sometimes (especially if you are really lazy). DroidID is an excellent way to unlock your computer with ease in a matter of seconds without having to worry about prying eyes trying to catch your password or similar problems!

What do you think about DroidID? We are stoked to see DroidID working on Windows Pc’s too, hopefully, we’ll be seeing that soon! Check out ssrij’s post and thank him if you find his app useful.

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