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Casino.com app review

There are lots of betting apps out there, but most work as demo games. Casino.com lets you bet real money.

Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, this application hosts over 15 games including Roulette, Burning Cherry, and Black Jack.

To start using the app, you will need to register with your name, date of birth, email and country. It will then ask you if you’re okay giving access to your location and camera, the latter to have a cool selfie snapped on your “lucky moment.”

The home screen is divided into four sections with Featured as the main tab to see the full list of options available, or Slots, Cards and Roulettes to see games by type.

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Once you tap on a title, you can either try a demo or play a real game with real money. The orange big Cashier icon enables you to top up your account either by card or deposit, as well as withdraw your funds. There are several options available, like Neteller, Skrill and AstroPaycard, and you get to keep up with all your transactions on the History section. All right from the app.

The best thing about Casino.com, apart from the fact that it triples your first deposit to the value of £200, is that you don’t need to know how to play, as the Rules tab on the left hamburger menu shows you the ropes for each and every title. The menu also lets you toggle the audio and set a “Time-out” period.

Although the app hides the iOS menu bar, you will find a clock in the top right, in case you don’t want to lose track of time. And on the left, your current balance is displayed to let you know how much money you have left.

Casino.com is easy to use and fully compatible with iPad so that you won’t be playing on a pixelated 2x resolution. You will need iOS 7 to install the free app, which is available on the following link. Now you can get your game on right from your mobile device.

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