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Access WhatsApp on your Mac with this fast app

Whatsapp released last year a web tool to access conversations on a dedicated website.

Available for Android and iPhone, you can now reply to all your friends’ messages on a Mac or PC. That means you won’t have to hide whenever you want to read a conversation at the office.

FreeChat goes further and provides you with a native app in case you don’t like the idea of opening a desktop browser every time you need to open a conversation on your computer.

A free Mac app, FreeChat comes with all the features included in WhatsApp web. You can start a conversation or reply to the existing threads; send an emoji or attach an image; or copy text from your computer and drop it in the reply section. There’s even a quick reply option to answer to your messages from Notification Center.

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FreeChat is exactly like WhatsApp web; you will need to scan a QR code on your smartphone (WhatsApp for mobile has a dedicated section in the Settings tab) to start using the Mac app. Your phone will need an Internet connection for FreeChat to work, just like WhatsApp web. But the Mac app comes with a higher level of personalization thanks to a Dark Theme that changes the feel of your conversations.

What I like about FreeChat is that it doesn’t clutter my Mac, that already struggles juggling tasks with its 2 GB of RAM. Safari and Chrome can only manage one open tab, and leaving WhatsApp Web in the background slows my computer considerably.

You can download FreeChat in the Mac App Store at no cost for OS X 10.10. What do you think of FreeChat?

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