Elias Pelcastre

Beame Presenter, a great app to stream your presentations on any screen

Beame.io Presenter just hit the App and Play stores after a long beta testing period. It’s aimed at simplifying the way you do presentations.

Available for Android and iOS, Presenter makes it very easy to stream a presentation on any screen, be it mobile, desktop or a TV.

Download the free app and connect your Google Drive to beam your slides. Presenter comes with a couple of demos to try the service. Head to p.beame.io on your computer or TV’s browser and scan the QR code with Presenter’s mobile app. Now you will be able to control the presentation right from your tablet or smartphone.

Presenter lets you make live annotations, beam multiple screens at once, and point with a laser for a more precessional presentation. The developers say the app was “created for sales professionals, public speakers, educators and teachers.”

Presenter works better with a fast Wi-Fi connection; we tried the app in slow conditions, and it took several shots to make it work. It finally streamed between an iPhone and a desktop computer. Nevertheless, once the app connects to the display, it was very easy to stream a presentation and control it.

Tap on the “+” button to connect to a second screen or start making live annotations. From this screen you can also use a pointer, just tap the arrow in the top right corner to use it as a “laser.”

Presenter removes the need to use additional hardware or software to stream a presentation. This productivity app will be a big hit in offices and classrooms.

Download Presenter for iOS 8 and Android 4.1 here. What do you think of Presenter?

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