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How to try SoundCloud Go outside the United States

SoundCloud wants to become the next Spotify, or, at least, compete with it and other streaming giants. That is why today it launched Go, but not to our surprise, as a United States exclusive.

Fear not, as there´s always a way to bypass this kind of exclusives. If you want to try SoundCloud´s new music service, you will need four things: an Apple mobile device, a US Apple ID, iTunes store credit, and a VPN connection.

You can open an American Apple account without a debit or credit card. You just need a valid address and telephone, two pieces of information you can search directly on Google. (Choose an American hotel – that worked for us.)

You will also need to buy an electronic iTunes gift card. We tried a while ago iTunes Card Delivery and can say they are true to their promise and deliver American gift cards to your email within minutes. They also accept payments from around the world.

Download SoundCloud´s app from the US iTunes store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Turn on a VPN connection, as the free likes of Ark, and access your profile – you will need a SoundCloud account to try Go. You will notice a three-doted button in the top right; tap on it to open the “More.”

SoundCloud Go will be sitting in the second tab, just below “Your profile.” Select it, and SoundCloud will ask you to accept the trial using your Apple ID. Don´t worry, though, as you get to cancel the $12.99 fee SoundCloud charges you after the 30-day period finishes. Just head to the “Subscriptions” option in your Apple ID´s settings to stop the auto-renewal straight away, unless of course you enjoy using Go.

Go will arrive at other countries “later this year.” At least, you can bypass SoundCloud´s restrictions and try the service right now wherever you are in the world.

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