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Forget Red: This free app lets you download YouTube videos for free

YouTube Red enables you to download videos for offline viewing at a cost. The thing is, you don’t have to spend 9.99 a month to save videos on your Android smartphone or tablet.

SnapTube is an app that lets you download content from around the web, not only Google’s video platform, for when you don’t have an Internet connection. It presents you with a broad range of websites right from the start.

Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and the previously mentioned YouTube are some of the big names included in the “Video Sites” home tab. You can also browse by category, popular or top videos, or use the good old search tool in the upper left to surf the entire web for videos to download.

Select a video and you will notice a red download button in the right corner. Tap it to start saving it. SnapTube then lets you choose the quality and type of download, be it video or audio. You get three downloads before having to like SnapTube on Facebook to continue saving videos.

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The Settings tab enables you to change the saving path, in case you want to use an SD card, set your language, and download over Wi-Fi only to spare you from a surprise in your data plan invoice.

SnapTube just works; the downside to the app is it uses Android’s video player and not a native one. Nevertheless, it offers an excellent way to save content for when you are up and about and don’t have a mobile connection.

You can download SnapTube for free; mind that you will have to get it as an external app. It is not available in the Play Store, which means you have to enable the “Unknown sources” in your Android’s settings. (Make sure you turn in back off when you are done installing SnapTube.)

You can understand why Google doesn’t want it in its official mobile store. Did you find SnapTube useful? Please leave your comments below.

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