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Music 360, the free music streaming app no one is talking about

After a month, my Spotify Premium subscription expired today, and I couldn’t justify paying for it any longer. The free tablet and PC versions work just fine, as they enable song selection and track skipping, all in exchange for a few ads. High-quality music and offline downloads are not strong arguments to make me throw away $9.99 a month.

Browsing the App Store, I found Music 360, an iPhone and iPad app by Karnival that offers free “unlimited” mobile streaming. Upfront, I tell this is no Spotify Premium competitor, but an interesting alternative to try.

Unlike Spotify, Music 360 allows you to select a country, say the US, UK, or wherever you are based. It then displays the top local hits – albums and songs –  and a search tool to browse Music 360’s full catalogue.

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The bottom menu also hosts a playlist tab, where you can create your sets (and sadly not listen to pre-made lists) and a history section to keep track of your listening habits. Music 360 doesn´t come with a Settings section to adjust track quality or language.

Although technically it provides you with “full” albums, tap on a track and you will have to select a version of your favourite song. Regrettably, there are lots of live tracks and poor quality streams available. Plus, there is a banner that gets in your face.

Nevertheless, Music 360´s player interface is relatively clean, and, overall, the app is very straightforward to use. I just wish there was an in-app purchase to hide that annoying banner. (Why didn´t developers capitalised on that?)

Apparently, users have described Music 360 as “just like listening to Spotify, Pandora or Deezer, but with no subscriptions.” I wouldn´t go that far, but say it is a good app to have installed if you are tired of Spotify´s reminders on why Premium is a sound – pun intended – investment.

You can download Music 360 for iOS 7.1 here, and leave your comments below.

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