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How to use the new Microsoft Translator iPhone extension to translate a website

You can now use Microsoft Translator to, well, translate a full website on Safari mobile, thanks to its new iOS extension.

Available in App Stores around the world at no cost, you will need to install the new 2.13 version of Translator. It is meant for iPhone users, but you will also find it for iPad as a 2x, pixelated app.

Open Translator and head to “Settings”, where the fourth tab lets you set the language pages will translate, which I´m guessing will be English. Now head to a website in a language you don´t understand and tap the share button in the bottom menu.

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In the second, grey row, slide your finger to the left until you find the “More” option. Enable Microsoft Translator by switching the button to green.

You will notice the grey row now has a Microsoft Translator icon. Tap on it and the extension will display a progress bar in the top of the page. The content will now translate to your preferred language.

Translations aren´t that accurate – the app thought “quit” in Spanish meant quit smoking, and not resign (David Cameron, we´re looking at you.)

I wouldn´t trust Translator’s new iOS extension completely, but at least, you can now have a general idea of what a foreign text is saying. Download the new Microsoft Translation version here.

What do you think of Microsoft Translator for iOS?

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