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I graduated four years ago and I still found LinkedIn Students useful

A US exclusive, LinkedIn today launched Students, a new app – you guessed it – for students that “helps you take the guesswork out of finding a job after graduation by giving you career advice based on the college you’re attending and the major you’re pursuing.”

Nevertheless, you can use Students outside the country and still find it helpful. Like me, you may probably have graduated a while ago, but the app makes it very easy to find a graduate job anywhere in the world, as you set your favorite locations and receive recommendations based on your input.

Students´ main screen presents you with a carousel and few daily ideas; mine included a new role to consider based on my profile, “Three ways to improve your resume keywording” as a useful reading, and an internship recommendation.

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You can the save all your favorites to “My Stuff” by tapping the star in a card, or search for a role with the dedicated left-side button. And if you can´t wait to get updated suggestions, you can always tap the “See more ideas now” prompt at the end of the carousel to refresh it.

The app´s interface is slick and simple to get around and reminds me a lot of Job Search, LinkedIn´s free job search tool for mobile devices. But what I like the most is that you can see a “median salary” and get an inkling of the pay you can receive.

Students mainly focus may be graduates but could prove an interesting tool for someone looking to switch career or job. It´s full of valuable tips and ideas for people looking to start something different.

LinkedIn Students weighs 23 MB and requires iOS 8 to run. You can download it here from the US App Store. What do you think of Students? Did you find it useful?

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