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Should you download Microsoft’s new Word Flow keyboard for iPhone?

Microsoft just released a new keyboard for iPhone. Word Flow, a keyboard that comes straight from the Windows Phone platform, is now available for free for Apple devices.

Think of Word Flow as a SwiftKey alternative, a keyboard that helps you type faster on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It includes a suggestion bar as well as a one-handed mode for typing with just one hand.

You can also modify the keyboard’s theme and keep track of your word count inside Word Flow’s app. Oh, and the emoji’s keyboard section is better divided with clearer emoticon icons, which makes it easier to find the symbol you want.

To use Word Flow, you will have to enable it in the keyboard section of Settings and allow it full access to your phone’s system. Now tap the globe icon next to the spacebar and look for Word Flow.

Word Flow works great; I found myself writing this article effortlessly on my iPhone 6 Plus. If you type a lot, this keyboard will help you write so much faster.

I have to say I found it a tad difficult to use the keyboard’s one-handed mode at first but got used to it after a while. Nevertheless, the massive iPhone 6 Plus makes using this mode uncomfortable after a few minutes. (It’s still a good option to have.)

Word Flow is responsive and got most of the words right while swiping keys together to type faster. The only downsides are that it the app is only available in English and the US App Store. You can try Word Flow here, but you will need an iOS 9 device to download it.

What do you think about Word Flow? Did you find the keyboard useful?

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