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Album review: 7/27, by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony´s second studio album 7/27 is made up of 10 tracks, including worldwide-hit Work from Home, which most of you must be either sick or pumped of hearing on some Spotify playlists or your local radio – that if you still happen to tune in.

Apart from Ty Dolla $ign collaboration in Work from Home, Kygo gives Write on Me his classic tropical house spin, making it the album´s second single. Fetty Wap joins All in My Head to fill in the blanks with his particular way of rapping, and Tinashe´s even behind opening track That´s My Girl.

Not all 27/7 feels plastic and pre-fabricated, with dance and pumped up tunes. Gonna Get Better is a down-to-earth, let´s say, ballad, that prays money is not the most important thing in the world. (Good to hear Fifth Harmony acknowledge it, as this is a song written and composed by the girl band.)

7/27 is the kind of album you either dance to it in a club or put in the background when having a shindig at your place. It´s easy to listen to, and ends pretty quickly, with Missy Elliot closing the collaboration round on Jennifer-Lopez-like Not That Kinda Girl. I think that if you like dance pop, this album will not disappoint you.

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