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Is DuckieTV the new PopcornTime for series?

You´ve probably read somewhere on the internet DuckieTV launched today. This new torrent app wants to be “the TV-show calendar you´ve been waiting for.”

DuckieTv is offered as a “personalized calendar that tracks the shows you like.” But if you look (not that) closely at the smaller-print second line, you´ll notice that the app can also “search on multiple torrent sites and gives you full control over what you download and how.”

DuckieTV, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux displays a list of primetime TV shows and a search bar that enables you to look manually for your favorite TV series. You get to select and add a show to a calendar, and that way you won´t end up missing any new episodes that come out.

The thing about DuckieTV, apart from a timetable, is its auto-download feature that, as the name implies, downloads automatically any new episode that may have been released on TV. The app teamed with uTorrent, but opens the torrent client you have installed on your computer.

I’m not a big fan of having to download torrents to my laptop, and although alternative Popcorn Time does get an episode or movie from a torrent and saves it onto your hard drive, the user experience just feels seamless. DuckieTV makes you download an episode from different sources, with different qualities. (DuckieTV gives you a greater choice over the quality of the episodes you watch.)

Popcorn Time lacks DuckieTV’s broad catalogue of TV episodes but has the straight-to-the-point, simplified interface. Combine both and you´d get a great TV alternative to Netflix. Nevertheless, this is an excellent option to have at hand when looking to watch an episode that just premiered in the US.

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