Elias Pelcastre

I just bought an iTunes gift card from Apple.com with a foreign credit card

Many websites make it their business to sell American iTunes gift cards and sell them worldwide at an extra charge.

Take iTunesCardDelivery as an example, which I’ve reviewed and can say that works as promised. You end up paying 12.99 for a $10 gift card, or in other words a rough 32 percent hike in the original price.

Apple sells gift cards on its official website, and the first time I tried to buy an electronic voucher, I got a “purchase can´t process” email response. That was a long time ago, and probably the company has changed its policies.

Yesterday I decided to give the purchase another try, and to my surprise managed to buy a US iTunes gift card with a foreign card. I just went to Apple´s gift cards dedicated website, entered my Mexican debit card, and waited.

The Cali tech giant forwarded a message telling me my order was “being processed” at 8:42 am local time. At 10:04 the recipient, or in other words myself through a secondary email, got my present with a “Yuhuuu” dedication and a very colorful iTunes logo, which I picked beforehand.

If you have a US ID and like the exclusive content Apple hosts in its hometown, having a way of buying gift cards at no additional charge is just a God send. I can´t guaranty it will work for you, but you can at least try. You just have one lousy denial mail to loose.

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