Elias Pelcastre

How to use Google Maps “Add stop” feature on Android

Google just updated its Maps app for Android. It now enables users to add a stop to their trips; you get directions to a third place, instead from just A to B.

To use Stops, look for a place. After Google Maps locates it, tap the car icon to get directions.

The map will show up; you will notice a three-dotted button on the top right. Select it and choose the “Add stop” option.
Now enter the third stop. Maps will start “thinking” and update your route. That way you can now take a detour and not do a separate search. Convenient, right?

Maps also lets you add an “infinite” number of stops. Apparently, there’s no limit.

I found the feature very useful, as I can go to several places without having to enter one by one. Surely, Stops will be a time-saver for many people.

At the moment, Stops is an Android-only feature but will make a iOS landing in short.

What do you think of Map’s stops? Please leave your comments below.

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