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What if you could skip tunes and ads on the free version of Spotify for Android?

I know for a fact people don’t like to pay for Spotify, and they choose to stick to the free version of the music streaming service to avoid cashing $10 a month. But that in itself comes at a price: ads, and in case you’re on a mobile device, the inability to choose or skip a song whenever you like.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: paying for an unlimited music service is pointless – you end up listening to the same tracks over and over and throwing your money away. You could instead buy the album and build a digital collection that won’t “evaporate” the moment you cancel your subscription.

Let’s say you love discovering new music. Your favourite artist releases a single, and you get to listen to it without resorting to other ad-supported means, i.e. YouTube. The free version of Spotify is there to help out; you don´t spend too much on bandwidth watching a YouTube video, and you listen to the brand new track as soon as it´s out. (That on shuffle, but as singles are one-tracked only, you play the song straight away.)

You could instead install a modified version of Spotify on your Android smartphone, which I won´t link here. It lets you choose any track you like and skip as many songs as you please. The modified app is not entirely ad-free, as it displays pop-up windows. But no voice advertisements.

Access with a free account, or register in-app, and you´re ready to enjoy unlimited ad-free music. You can´t download your favorite tracks as that requires you to be a premium user, but you can choose which songs to play. And if you have a free-unlimited-streaming data plan, like the one T-Mobile offers in the US, Spotify Free practically becomes Premium in the blink of an eye.

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