Elias Pelcastre

Moto X Play: What I like and don´t after three months of use

I bought Motorola´s Moto X Play little over three months ago because the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus can take you so far when you are a heavy user. What are my impressions after three months of using Motorola´s medium end smartphone?


1. Battery. Not the best feature to mention at the start. I use the Moto X Play continuously, and the battery lasts for 5 hours. By that, I mean listening to Spotify songs on a 3G network while reading The Guardian, and repeatedly multitasking between Whatsapp and Chrome – again, on a mobile network. But I bet I could get a day of use if I cut down on my internet habits.

2. Mobile internet consumption. Compared to the iPhone, the Moto X Play, and more specifically, Android, uses fewer megabytes. I can just buy 2 GB and make the top up last for a full month, while not worrying at all I will run out of data.

3. Android Wear combo. My LG G Watch works great with the Moto X Play. There´s no lag, and I can quickly check the weather and dictate Whatsapp messages, among other things.


1. Build. I dropped the smartphone a few days after buying it, and now has a dent on the upper-left corner. The Moto X Play is not the most resistant phone of the Moto family.

2. Screen. Tilt the Moto X Play a tad, and it will display the time. That gets annoying when you leave the phone on an uneven surface, like a sofa or a bed.

3. Always-on listening mode. I used the always-on listening feature on the Moto X Play for two days and didn´t like it, You need to yell every single command, and the feature doesn´t work in loud settings. I recommend an Android Wear smartwatch to tell the phone what to do.