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TVPlayer brings premium British cable to your iPad or iPhone wherever you are (including the Rio games)

I love watching British TV, and FilmOn does a great job: I can watch BBC News, BBC One, and most of the country’s free programming on my iPad or iPhone without a VPN.

But what if you want to watch premium channels on your mobile devices? TVPlayer is a great option, especially for expats who wish to watch telly like they did back home.

TVPlayer offers a free 30-day trial; to use it you will need a debit or credit card or a £10 balance. The app charges £4.99 a month after that.

You will also need a fast British VPN to hide your location and let TVPlayer think you’re in said territory. TVPlayer’s Plus subscription hosts “over 55 live TV channels” including Discovery, Animal Planet, and Cartoon Network.

TVPlayer has in-app picture-in-picture capabilities that let you watch your favorite TV channels in the background while you multitask – which is a big deal, especially when not a lot video streaming apps like YouTube support it.

Rio Games

And if that wasn’t enough, your free trial is a ticket to enjoy Rio right from your iPhone or iPad. (You won’t be able to AirPlay as that needs a VPN on your mobile device and your TV, something I believe isn’t possible to do, at least on older Apple TVs.)

I love watching premium British TV abroad. And now that it is possible to buy Apple gift cards with a foreign credit or debit card you can easily pay the £5 monthly fee if you want to keep the “plus” going.

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