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Mexican YouTube users: don’t subscribe to Red through the App Store

YouTube Red is finally available in Mexico! I am genuinely excited, as now we can enjoy an ad-free experience south of the US border – no VPN, no tricks. But like Spotify, I would advise potential Red subscribers not to subscribe through the App Store.

I know how convenient it can be to subscribe on an iPad or iPhone. YouTube’s mobile app makes it very simple, with just a tap and Touch ID to confirm your subscription. It takes a few seconds, but you could save a lot more (money) simply by heading to the video platform’s site on your computer.

Apple asks for a 30 percent cut to services that offer a monthly fee through the App Store; YouTube doesn’t want to pay it, so instead charges you an extra fee. Instead of 99 Mexican pesos, or $5, you end up paying 139 pesos, or $8. I mean, why? Just open your laptop, head to youtube.com, and save yourself some green. That easy.

I know some people, myself included, have Apple Store credit, from all those Christmases your grandma doesn’t know what to get you, and instead, tosses in a gift card to save herself the hassle. But the rest of us can pay the same Spotify tariff, and get ad-free video AND unlimited music on Google Play. For the same price.

I’ve no deal with YouTube, in case you think this is a hidden ad. It’s just the service is so brilliant, I’m just looking out for my peeps. 🙂

Have you tried Red? If not, because is not available in your country, read my tutorial on how to try it abroad. (And yes, it involves using the App Store, just for the free trial.)

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