Elias Pelcastre

Amazon Music: great if you have a Prime subscription

Amazon Music Unlimited just launched today. The Spotify and Apple Music competitor hosts “tens of millions” of songs, according to the dedicated website. It also works with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa through the Echo.

Amazon Music Unlimited lives inside the Prime Music app; there’s no separate app to download. Prime displays both your music and Music Unlimited tunes in two different columns alà Apple Music. Just opening the app, I have to admit Music Unlimited has a clean interface – better than Spotify’s full-on dark approach, or Apple Music’s messed up and confusing iOS 10 player.

There are some things that I liked about Amazon Music: you can set a sleep timer (Google Play Music does this too) and get to set the limit on the size your streamed tunes take. I can’t remember how many times I have deleted Spotify from my iPhone because the music cache uses too much space. The last one is lyrics are automatically displayed when you play a song.

Other than that, no 1989 for Taylor Swift fans. No Android app for countries where Prime is not available. The same old price – $9.99 – for regular people. (Prime users pay $7.99 a month, while Echo owners can take advantage of the 3.99 tier to listen on the Echo, Echo Dot or tap.)

I just canceled my 30-day trial, and don’t see the point of spending on Music Unlimited instead of Spotify. But I guess for Prime users who want to save some money on their music streaming service, Music Unlimited kind of makes sense. Kind of.

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