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Can you download a Netflix film or TV episode from another country and watch it abroad?

It took Netflix a long time, but mobile downloads are finally here. The app now has a dedicated section where you can browse, select a show or film, and tap the download icon to save them right to your smartphone or tablet to watch without an internet connection.

You can choose the quality of the download, so you don´t run out of precious space – a cool feature to have if you own a 16 GB device. Dr. House, Bad Grandpa, Breaking Bad, and Skins are some of the big names the Mexican Netflix has in stock for offline consumption.

A few minutes later, a 643 MB Grinch was on my iPad ready to get me in the holiday spirit. Head to “My Downloads” in the hamburger menu to enjoy an offline video; tap it and slide it to the right to erase it. It´s that simple. (And if downloads weren’t enough, you can now enjoy a video in the background thanks to Netflix´s new picture in picture capabilities.)

As you know, content is geographically restricted. The IT Crowd is available in the US but not in Mexico. So I fired up the VPN and downloaded the first series of the show, which is made up of 6 episodes. Half an hour later, I turned off the VPN to see if I could watch the IT Crowd without a tunneling connection. This is what I got:

Netflix foreign downloads

I then figured out Netflix could still recognize my geographical location, so I turned off my Wi-Fi connection, and voilà, I was watching Yesterday´s Jam, IT Crowd’s first ever episode. I still don´t know if Netflix sets a time limit on how long you have to enjoy a download. I guess will have to find out.

So Netflix just gave us another reason to cash out on a monthly subscription. Did you try downloading a TV episode from a foreign country? Did it work? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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