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Spotify Codes: What are they for and how can you use them?

What are the new Spotify Codes? Are they vouchers that you can give to a special someone so they can enjoy Spotify Premium for a few months? No, but I can see why some people may get confused.

The new codes can be used to share content with another Spotify user: a song, an album, or even an artist. But how do they work? It´s very simple and straight forward.

Open Spotify on your iPhone or Android phone. Look for what you want to share, and tap the three-dotted button on the right. You will notice what appears to be a line of sound waves below the top image of an album or single artwork, or the photo of an artist.

Spotify Codes

Tell your friend to open Spotify and hit the search icon in the middle of the menu bar. They will have to tap the camera in the top right, let Spotify use the camera, and scan the code on their phone.

If they scan a song, it will play directly on their phone. If it is an album or an artist, they will see the songs or catalog wall right away, without having to do a manual search.

I tried the new Spotify Codes both on my iPhone 6 Plus and on my Moto X Play but were not available on my iPad Air 2. Apparently, the codes won´t be available on desktop computers until further notice.

The codes work just great –there´s no delay or any kind of fuzz. They offer a great way to share your favorite songs or artists between friends.

Did you try the new Spotify Codes on your mobile phone or tablet? Did you like using them, or think they are a waste of time? Please leave your comments in the section below and thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com! We hope you enjoy our content. 🙂


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