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Reasons to try Opera´s free browser on your computer

I´ve been using Opera on my Mac for a while and wanted to share with you some of the reasons why giving the “underdog” of browsers a chance could be a good idea.

Battery Saver

Opera comes with “Battery Saver,” a feature that lets you browse for longer, handy for when your computer is not plugged in.

Tap the battery icon on the top right to turn on Battery Saver and see how much browsing time you have left before your laptop´s juice runs out.


You no longer need to subscribe to a service that hides your location to access restricted websites. Just head to Opera´s preference menu and turn on the built-in VPN feature.

Now, the only thing you will have to do is click the dedicated icon on the left of the address bar to use it.

You can choose Canada, Germany, Singapur, the Us and the Netherlands as locations. (By the way, a big downside to this feature is that doesn´t work with Netflix.)

Ad-free websites

Opera comes with an ad blocker that gets rid of annoying ads on your favorite websites. To enable it, head to the preference menu.

The only downside is that Opera doesn´t block pop-ups, something I would like to change in the future.

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger quick access


No need to download WhatsApp or Messenger for Mac or PC, just access with your details and start chatting in the left-side bar of the browser. That is a great addition for people who live glued to their computers and don´t have time to check their phones.

Bonus features

Opera comes with built-in currency converter. Just select a price, and it will automatically convert it. Opera also lets you watch videos in a corner while you browse the internet.

What do you think? Did you like Opera? What features would you add? Please leave your comments below and thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com! We hope you like our content.

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