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Paramore “After Laughter” review

Linkin Park and Paramore: they are completely different, right?

The first was considered – at some point, as now iTunes lists the band in the Pop section –Nu Metal and the second is punk, that according to Wikipedia. They have something in common, though, and fans will agree: both have lost their original sounds.

Take Linkin Park. Chester recently told fans to “move the fuck on” from Hybrid Theory, the band´s first record. I don´t know about you, but Battle Symphony is miles away from Papercut, or even the more recent Wastelands.

After Laughter

Now on to Paramore: After Laughter is the Tennessee trio´s fifth studio album, and somehow the first single, Hard Times, sounds nothing like Misery Business. Go ahead and compare:

Here´s Misery Business, from 2007.

And now, Hard Times.

Rose-Colored Boy, Forgiveness and 26 are few examples that tone down the essence of Paramore. The list could go on.

Don´t get me wrong; I like pop. The latest Linkin Park One More Light looks like something I will thoroughly enjoy, as I have moved on from listening to rock music (I was at some point really into Metallica and Korn) to easier – and you could say, mainstream – sounds like those of Coldplay and OneRepublic. (I do enjoy Imagine Dragon´s “heavy” tune Friction.)

Don´t worry though, Idle Worship still feels like very Paramore-y. It reminded me of All We Know Is Falling´s Here We Go Again, while No Friend is an all-about-the-drum almost-outro. (Just to be followed by a slow piano track, Tell Me How.)

I´m sorry that rock and punk bands, like the previously mentioned Linkin Park, or the star of this review, Paramore, are falling into the latest trends – Haven´t you heard? Unchis unchis unchis is the new black.

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